Coach Dwane Casey was hired by Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors to improve one of the worst, if not the worst defence in the NBA. After 29 games, did coach Casey fulfill his mandate?

On a pure stats point of view, the Toronto Raptors are allowing 12 points less per game, in comparison with last year (105.4 versus 93.72). As a whole, the players seem to be more aware defensively, for the most part.

However, the defensive awareness is also disminishing the offence. In fact, the Raptors are scoring 11 points per game less than last year (99.1 versus 88.21). One could argue that the net result is only a +1 in the differential, so is Dwane Casey actually doing a better job?

Last season, the Toronto Raptors kept a record of 22 wins and 60 losses, for a winning % of 26.8. So far, in the shortened 2011-12 campaign, the Raptors have a 9-20 record, for a 31.03 winning percentage.

Interesting fact, the Raptors are playing for .500 (5-5) when their star player Andrea Bargnani is in the lineup. Put all those factors together, and, in my opinion, coach Casey is actually doing a better job so far than his predecessor.

Let’s hope the Raptors can stay away from injuries and eventually improve in the next few weeks.

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