With only 5 days left in the NHL regular season, the playoff race has rarely been this tight in the previous years, in the Western Conference. There is 3 spots available, for 6 teams battling.

The LA Kings currently hold the 3rd spot in the West, in virtue of the Pacific division lead. However, they are currently tied at 91 points with the Phoenix Coyotes (tiebreak advantage because of two teams head to head matchup) and they only have a 1 point lead over the San Jose Sharks. The fourth team battling for the division is the Dallas Stars, who are behind by 2 points.

Unless of a miracle week from the Colorado Avalanche and the Calgary Flames, 3 of the 4 teams in the Pacific division should qualify for the playoffs.

The most interesting matchups of the week will without a doubt be the2 games back to back confronting the LA Kings and the San Jose Sharks. The last meeting of the season in the NHL will oppose these two teams, and that dual could very well decide of the division title, or at least a playoff spot.

Many others great matchup will happen this week, and all NHL fans should watch these games this week.

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