It is today that Nike and the NFL will unveil the new uniforms for the 2012 football season.

In deed, Nike won the bid versus Reebok, which means that all of you who bought NFL jerseys recently, will look outdated already! If you wanted to buy a new Tim Tebow jersey with the Jets, might as well wait and get a Nike…probably for twice the price.

Regarding Tim Tebow, Nike is suing Reebok because Reebok manufactured official New York Jets apparel with the Tebow name after March 1st, which represented the end of their licence with the NFL. Nike is asking to redeem all the profits from those sales, and expect an immediate retractation of all such merchandises.

It is believe that Nike’s new uniform will be much bolder, but it is hard to believe it as the NFL is a very old fashioned league. We will see this afternoon.

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