Last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs found a new way to lose a game, and even though the games don’t mean anything anymore, Mike Komisarek and Dion Phaneuf should be really disappointed with themselves.

On the Buffalo Sabres tying goal, late in the third period, Mike Komisarek was arguing with Marcus Foligno, at the faceoff. When the Leafs won the faceoff and the puck went in the corner, Komisarek, instead of clearing the puck like he should have done, decided to go hit Foligno instead because he is a big baby. The puck ended up in front of the net, and the Sabres scored to make it a tie game. On his next shift, Komisarek gave another Sabres a cross-check that should have been called, with 30 seconds to go in the match. He got lucky and didn’t get a penalty. He is a very selfish player and should not play for the rest of the year for his actions.

Another player who is very self-centered is the captain Dion Phaneuf. He constantly tries to go for the big hit, even if in many occasions, playing the puck would result in a better situation for his team. Well, with about 3 minutes left in the overtime period, Phaneuf flipped a rebound directly in the stands, which ended up giving the victory to Buffalo. He had alot of time to clear the puck safely, but once again he couldn’t use his head. Not very surprising, considering he has made many idiotic moves in the past.

Those two big defenceman who are supposed to be leaders in that club should be ashamed of themselves, and if ever the Leafs want to make it to the playoffs, they will definitely need better leaders than those two brainless players!

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