Today, the Toronto Blue Jays will try to prove to the whole baseball world that their 24-7 spring training record was no fluke. They are opening their regular season in Cleveland, to face the Indians.

The Blue Jays’ ace Ricky Romero will be on the mound, and will try to repeat from a great season last year. His record wasn’t that great (15-11), but his offence gave him very little support last year. Romero finished the season with an impressive 2.92 ERA and an incredible 1.14 WHIP. Hopefully the Jays’ bats will come to his rescue this year.

The Great Lawrie

All eyes will be turned on young canadian phenom Brett Lawrie, who hit for over .500 in spring training. After a promising 43 games in his rookie season, Lawrie seems ready to elevate himself to the status of baseball superstar.

Let’s not forget about Jose Bautista who will try to win the MLB home run titles for a third straight year.

This year, the Jays got some depth in the bullpen, which was their achilles’ heel last season. However, the lack of experience in their starting rotation will probably be an issue in the long run. Romero and Morrow are great, but the 3 other starters are very young and inexperienced. Eveng Brett Cecil, who was the Jays’ leader in wins for 2011, got relegated to AA baseball because of a horrendous spring training.

Nonetheless, hopes are high in the Jays’ dugout and action starts today at 3 p.m.

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