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Miami Dolphins cheerleaders lip dub ‘Call Me Maybe’

The Dolphins cheerleaders were in the Dominican Republic for their 2013 calendar shoot when they decided to up the ante on “Call Me Maybe.” Enjoy this bouncy lip dub.

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  • June 7, 2012
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Nike to unveil new NFL uniform; Nike sues Reebok for Tebow Merchandise

It is today that Nike and the NFL will unveil the new uniforms for the 2012 football season.

In deed, Nike won the bid versus Reebok, which means that all of you who bought NFL jerseys recently, will look outdated already! If you wanted to buy a new Tim Tebow jersey with the Jets, might as well wait and get a Nike…probably for twice the price.

Regarding Tim Tebow, Nike is suing Reebok because Reebok manufactured official New York Jets apparel with the Tebow name after March 1st, which represented the end of their licence with the NFL. Nike is asking to redeem all the profits from those sales, and expect an immediate retractation of all such merchandises.

It is believe that Nike’s new uniform will be much bolder, but it is hard to believe it as the NFL is a very old fashioned league. We will see this afternoon.

3 reasons why Tim Tebow will help the New York Jets

The New York Jets acquired Tim Tebow, who was without a doubt the story of the year in the NFL, last season. But now, was it a good decision? I believe so, and here are the reasons why.

1- Pressure on Sanchez

I am not saying that Mark Sanchez is a slacker, but having Mark Brunell as a backup isn’t exactly nerve racking. I believe the presence of Tim Tebow on the sidelines will force Sanchez to always improve and be at his best.

2- The Wildcat offence

Two seasons ago, the Jets made it to the AFC conference final, in big part because of their defence, yes, but also because of a very balanced offence that included some “wildcat” plays with Brad Smith at the quarterback position. Now that Smith has left for the Bills, the Jets barely used the wildcat in 2011, which I believe hurt them, because Mark sanchez is a one dimensional QB. Tim Tebow is a wildcat specialist and will jump on the field for 15-20 downs per game to run that special offence.

3- Tim Tebow is a winner

I know that Tim Tebow is not a very good quarterback technically, but you have got to give hit to him, he knows how to win. He had many 4th quarter winning drive last year, and even if his defence was a major factor in all of his wins, he found a way to score points when it mattered most. He has a great attitude and he is ready for anything to win.

As a Jets fan, I was delighted to see Tebow join the team, because of the success the Jets had in 2010, running the wildcat. Mark Sanchez cannot run a successful offence on his own, and I believe Tim Tebow could very well be the solution.

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New Orleans Saints’ coach Sean Payton suspended 1 year; no salary

The NFL has announced that they were suspending Saints’ head coach Sean Payton for 1 year with no salary, in regards to the “bounty gate” scandal.

In addition, the Saints’ GM, Mickey Loomis has been suspended for eight games, and Joe Vit, the assistant coach has been suspended for six games.

Gregg Williams, the former defensive coordinator for New Orleans, who is the main target in this story, has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell.

It will be interesting to see if the Saints look for a new head coach for the 2012 season,

Peyton Manning with the Broncos; Tim Tebow on the trade block

Peyton Manning finally made his decision, and he will now join the Denver Broncos. He didn’t sign his contract yet, but the Broncos announced that Tim Tebow was now on the trade market. Looks like he will have to bring his Tebow-ing elsewhere.

I guess Broncos’ president John Elway had a huge role to play in that big acquisition for the AFC team. From day one, he announced his colours and it was obvious that he had no confidence in Tim Tebow on a long term basis.

In other news, Alex Smith, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback has announced that he is looking for a new agent. Apparently, he did not like the fact that his agent, who is also the agent of Peyton Manning, had discussion with the 49ers regarding Manning joining San Francisco. It was also announced that Smith had discussions over the weekend with the Miami Dolphins.


Peyton Manning is out; Colts trust Andrew Luck

Jim Irsay, the Indianapolis Colts owner, held a press conference today to confirm that he was releasing his quarterback Peyton Manning, escaping in the same time, the 28 millions $ option he had on him.

Peyton will be free as a bird at 4 p.m. today and we can obviously expect his agent`s phone to go off the hook.

The front runners seems to be the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. As a Jets’ fan, I really hope the management team does everything possible to sign the 14 year veteran. They have a very strong defence, and Mark Sanchez proved that he couldn’t lead his team to the Super Bowl. Both Mannings in New York would be spectacular.

However, I believe Peyton will land in Miami with the Dolphins. They have a young team and with a receiver like Brandon Marshall, it is very probable that number 18 will pick the team from Florida.

It shouldn’t take too long before Peyton Manning makes his decision, but I expect him to think about the offers for about a week.

NFL “bounty” scandal : The players are not surprised

A few days ago, we learnt that Gregg Williams, the ex New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, had a “bounty bonus” system that awarded up to 50 000$ to his defensive players, for injuring an opponent.

I was shocked to see some of the comments that the NFL players from across the league on Twitter, following that public discovery. Shawne Merriman, a Buffalo Bills linebacker, tweeted something very surprising.

@shawnemerriman: Why is this a big deal now? A bounty left me with a torn PCL…on my knee !

What? This is a big deal ! Football players should always try to hit as hard as they can to try and hurt the opponent, but never to try to injure them. Injuries will happen, but players shouldn’t set a personal to injure other players. Going after the knee or head of someone is absolutely wrong and I agree 100% with Roger Gooddell to try and ban these actions.

Football is a high speed contact sport, but shouldn’t become a gladiator sports where you get rewarded for injuring a rival.

NFL Playoffs: …and the teams who will face each other in the Super Bowl are…

The first match up of this Sunday will see the Baltimore Ravens visit the New England Patriots in the AFC championship. Everybody knows that Tom Brady and his receivers (especially his tight ends) are having another stellar year. However, they haven’t face a defence a strong defence like the Ravens in quite some time.

The key versus the Patriots is always to keep Tom Brady on the bench, and put pressure on him when he’s on the field. If he can stand tall in the pocket, he will destroy any defence. The Raven’s defence is very experimented and they give so many different looks that it is always hard for the opposing O-line to figure out how to block. Everybody knows that the Patriots’ defence is average at best, and even if Joe Flacco looked shaky many times this season, I believe he can do some damage against that weak defence. For those reasons, and because I am not a big fan of the Pats’ in general, I pick The Ravens to go to the Super Bowl…or at least to cover the spread. Pick: Ravens +7.

The NFC championship will oppose the very hot New York Giants and the surprising San Francisco 49ers, at Candlestick Park. The Giants had to finish the season on a high note, just to be part of the playoffs, which they did, and now they are carrying that momentum into the playoffs, which is always key to have a good run at the Vince Lombardi trophy.

On the other hand, the 49ers keep on surprising the football world by winning week in and week out, in big parts because of a very fast and strong defence. The Giants’ strategy on offence is always to establish the run by pounding the ball and then let Eli Manning work his magic when the opposing defence is thinking run. The problem this time is that the run defence of the 49ers is so strong that I believe the Giants will have to rely on the pass earlier in this game, which could cost them.

On the other hand, Alex Smith showed some composure last week late in the match vs the Saints against a very timid defence, but now he is facing possibly the top D-line in the NFL. Jason Pierre-Paul has been lights out for them lately and Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck always represent threats for a sack. Smith, who doesn’t have any experience in big games like the NFC Championship will have to surpass himself once again, if he wants his 49ers to go all the way.

I believe the Giants are on fire right now, and even if I believe it will be a really close one, I pick the Giants to at least cover the spread. Pick: Giants +2




NFL Divisional playoffs: Who wins and why!!

NFL playoffs

The NFL divisional playoffs will be played this weekend, so for the occasion I have decided to let you in on my picks and why…in 5 lines or less!!

New Orleans Saints vs San Franciso 49ers

The 49ers have one of the best defence in all of football this year but they are facing perhaps, the best offence of all time (at least stats wise). The New Orleans Saints also know how to win, and in the playoffs the little things often make the difference. The Saints will win because of their opponents playoff’s inexperience. Line: Saints -3,5

Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots

The Tim Tebow party is over. It is true that the Patriots’ defence is awful but the Broncos’ offence just doesn’t have the weapons to compete with Brady and his bunch. Denver’s defence is very strong but can’t stop the Pats’ offence as we witnessed a few weeks ago.  I even think the Patriots will destroy their opponents and cover the spread Line: Patriots -13,5

Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are very strong at home and the third string QB for the Texans just won’t cut it this time. Baltimore looked very squeemish at times this year, but are perfect at home this season (8-0). I do believe it will be a tight one and I don’t think the Ravens will cover the spread. Line: Texans +7,5

New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers

The Giants looked very sharp in their wildcard win against the Falcons but they are now facing the best team in the NFL. Eli Manning and his running backs could make the Packers’ defence look bad but in the end Aaron Rodgers and his boys are just too strong. Especially at Lambeau Field. Line: Packers -7,5

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