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April Reimer and Elisha Cuthbert eye rolling reaction to Leafs loss is not a cat fight

The Score: Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs lost in overtime to the Boston Bruins. CBC often had their cameras fixed on the Reimer family, as his mother and wife were side-by-side, suffering through each and every play with James, the Leafs’ tender. When teams provide the players with family tickets, they lump them all together. That means Reimer’s family would be in the same section as Dion Phaneuf’s girlfriend, actress Elisha Cuthbert.

After the overtime winner was scored, they cut back to the Reimer family, only to see James’ wife giving a look to Cuthbert, who promptly rolls her eyes and dismisses her. It’s a hilarious moment because you can probably guess what happened: the Bruins scored, Cuthbert made some half-thought out exclamation as all fans do (something like “oh you gotta stop that!” or “stupid goalie!”), Mrs. Reimer gives her the eyes and maybe says something, and…awwwkwarrrrd.

Seems like it wasn’t Miss Cuthbert who made a stupid comment after the goal.

Anyway, the big question remains: do you blame Phaneuf for the loss?

Maple Leafs Dion Phaneuf: Living the Canadian dream

In many ways, Dion Phaneuf is living the Canadian dream: He gets to play hockey for a living, earns (or just makes, depending on who you ask) extremely good money and is captain of the Maple Leafs…………….Okay, fine.  He’s living the Torontonian dream.

On top of this, the defenceman is also engaged to Elisha Cuthbert.  However, it appears that lately the actress has been embracing her Canadian roots in respect of the weather a little too much for my liking:


I’m sorry, but those picture are unacceptable and borderline offensive.  I’m sure I speak for Dion and Canadians in general when I say it better warm up soon, so normal service can be resumed:

(As always, any excuse.)

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Raptors Landry Fields and Elaine Alden go to first Maple Leafs game

Respect to Elaine Alden.  Despite being pregnant with her first child, she’s not letting that stop her from going about her business (up till now anyway).  And to be fair, it’s not every day you get to attend your first ever Maple Leafs game.

I’m guessing Alden was pretty excited, as she got her fiance, the Raptors Landry Fields, to take a picture of her before they headed down to the Air Canada Centre:

Upon arriving, the couple also made sure to get a photo of themselves inside the ACC to mark the occasion:

As you’d expect for a professional athlete and a model, they had a pretty good view of the action for the game against the Florida Panthers:

Despite the Leafs struggling early on, Fields and Alden picked a decent first game to go to, as the home side clinched an important 3-2 win with two goals from Joffrey Lupul and one from captain Dion Phaneuf.

Actually, talking of Phaneuf, like Fields, he also does pretty well for himself off the ice.  Unfortunately, it appears the delectable Elisha Cuthbert was not around to see her fiance score last night.  I wonder how she’ll make it up to him:

Hmmm, something tells me she isn’t in the bad books too often where Dion’s concerned.

NB: The writer acknowledges 100% that he was looking for any excuse, no matter how lame, to show the above photo.

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Argonauts Mike Bradwell dating MTV’s Aliya-Jasmine Sovani

As if we didn’t need any more proof that being a professional athlete is a pretty sweet deal, you only need to look as far as the women they get to date.

For example, I’m sure everyone is already aware that Leafs captain Dion Phanuef is engaged to actress Elisha Cuthbert and the Raptors Landry Fields is going out with model Elaine Alden.

Now it looks like the Argonauts Mike Bradwell, who does a bit of modelling himself, has decided to get a piece of the action. As per these pictures, it appears the wide receiver has made his greatest catch yet: Aliya-Jasmine Sovani.

What makes this even more annoying for us mere mortals is that Sovani is a big sports fan who previously worked as a playoff reporter for

Although, judging by these photos, I’m sure it wasn’t the MTV presenter’s sporting knowledge that first caught Bradwell’s attention.  Enjoy!

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